About us

MedievalOccultCraft is a design studio that was created by the efforts of two people who are in love with dark mystical themes. For us, this is not just a job, but a whole world of our interests. Since 2015, we have been giving people with non-standard interests the opportunity to decorate their homes with high-quality prints on the themes of mysticism, occultism, magic, and so on. Our studio is located in a secluded area of Karelia on the border with the forest, where we are inspired by the harsh and majestic Northern nature. We make prints not only from classic works by artists of the past, but also collaborate with modern dark artists. In addition to this site we have a store here


We make our prints only on high-quality materials!

100 % Real linen canvas! Density 300mg.Bright glossy colors, the highest clarity!

Art matte paper. Thick Art Paper - density 400mg.

Almost cardboard, bright, matte colors!

Handmade paper (100% HANDMADE). Thick Handmade Paper - density 300-350mg. It has uneven edges, more muted colors and at the same time has a very vintage look!

There are many examples of works in the gallery on the website, as well as in our instagram @medievaloccultcraft, where most of the images and stories are provided by our satisfied customers!