Something about prints on handmade paper.

Handmade paper is the most unusual material on which we print our reproductions. This is truly a handmade product, which is made according to an authentic medieval recipe from cotton fabric.

The fabric is ground into powder, water and the necessary ingredients are added. Raw sheets are formed from this mass and left to dry. In order for such sheets to be printable on a modern printer, the master-manufacturer adds a little bleaching material.

Thus, each sheet is made by hand and is therefore unique, if only because the edges of the sheets are uneven and it is impossible to find a second one. This is quite thick and dense paper - 350 mg.

It should be noted that this is the most capricious material due to its composition and therefore we do not print some reproductions on this paper. We make small A5 prints with little margins, A4 and A3 size reproductions are printed without margins.

Most reproductions printed on this paper have a vintage look; the most beautiful paintings on this material are prints with an antique background.

To design such prints, we could recommend choosing a passepartout frame, so the uneven edges that give these posters a special charm will not be hidden, but on the contrary, they will be visible to you and everyone who sees these prints!

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Our Studio Medieval Occult Craft has been producing prints on canvas, handmade paper and art matte paper for 6 years. Witchcraft and alchemy, the middle ages and ancient mysticism, vanitas and still lifes, symbols and monsters, torture and the Inquisition, occultism and mysteries, all this can be found here!
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Now we have the opportunity to collaborate with modern artists and present you a new section of beautiful prints Modern Dark Artists!
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