Fool's Cap Map of the World.

This slightly sinister picture is one of the biggest mysteries in the history of Western cartography. It is usually called simply the "Fool's Cap Map" – and to this day no one knows why, when, where and by whom it was created. The only thing that can be said about it with certainty is that it was created sometime in 1580-1590.

The map depicts the world "dressed" in the traditional entourage of a court jester: a two-horned cap with bells and a buffoon's staff. The face is hidden by the card, creating an ominous and menacing feeling.

The inconvenient truth of the Fool that this map told was that the world is a dark, irrational and dangerous place, and life in it is disgusting, cruel and short.

This is emphasized by sayings from biblical and classical sources scattered throughout the map: "Democritus of Abdera laughed at the world, Heraclitus of Ephesus wept for him, Epichthon the Cosmopolitan depicted him." It says on the hood: "Know yourself."

The reason for all the world's problems is explained in a quote from Ecclesiastes under the map: "The number of fools is infinite." Another quote from Ecclesiastes on the fool's staff reads: "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity." Also on the map you can find such phrases: "Oh, the cares of this world; how much triviality there is in it", "Everyone is devoid of common sense", and "All things are vain: everyone living is the same."

The last part of this cartographic puzzle is the name written in the upper left corner: Orontius Phineus. This name is associated with a mysterious map from 1531 depicting an ice-free and river-covered Antarctica. This fact raises many new questions. Why did this name end up on a map that appeared many decades later? Could this person be the creator of this map? And it should be recognized that most of the meanings that this map carries remain a complete mystery to this day.

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